To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before…

September 8, 2013

Too Boldly go Where No Man Has Gone Before…


Why is it that the United States of America has to always help out other nations (whether they want it or not) during natural disasters, military conflicts and/or weather events? We seem to be like the Enterprise of the Star Trek series; going out and helping whenever disaster man made or natural occurs. Attacking Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, The Borg, etc. Well our nemesis are the Islamic Terrorists (well at least they used to be)…

Weather and natural disasters I can understand. Even foreign countries like Pakistan, Iran, France have sent us humanitarian aid when we faced Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina. Earthquakes, like the one in Japan and our own in California have garnered foreign aid, compassion from countries where compassion doesn’t seem to be on their list of generosities.

But, recently we seem to be sending more of our tax payer money overseas to help those countries that by all accounts hate us. Why continue throwing good money down a well where they don’t even like us. Obama sent money for a Islamic celebration. No money that I am aware of went to any Christian festivals or for that matter Hindu or Jewish festival.

Now the President and even Congress want to strike out at a country that doesn’t pose us any threat. World War I and II were wars we involved ourselves because our allies were being attacked. In World War II Hitler were moving his armies all over the world conquering and devouring countries at whim. It wasn’t until Japan struck out at Hawaii that we entered the war in force.

The Syrian conflict is upon us. Obama wants to bombard Syria; Congress wants to let him bombard Syria. Why??? What has Syria done to us??? The Russians don’t want us to do it. The UK decided not to get involved, now France is having second thoughts as well… but our own Nobel Peace Prize winner wants to escalate and get us involved in a war that we can’t win. Actually, I don’t think anyone can win and I don’t think Pres. Obama really wants to win it either.

To Boldly Go Where (no one in their right mind) Has Gone Before… We need to stop “helping” other nations.




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