Separation of Church and State??? I don’t think so…

August 9, 2013
We go from one extreme to the next. First we have to separate Church and State, can’t have any Christian symbols on military churches in Afghanistan. Then we have certain military bases banning Christian web sites. But yet it’s ok when he gives 195 million of our tax dollars to a foreign country to celebrate a religious holiday… When you read this article you’ll see him say “… For millions of Americans, Eid is part of a great tapestry of America’s many traditions…” What I want to know who are the millions of Americans and what American traditions???
According to reports there are only about .8% of Americans who worship Islam and 57% worship Christianity… so here we have a President who disregards Christian icons and symbols or even prayer, yet gives 195 million dollars, dollars that aren’t his to give, dollars that you and I have worked for, dollars that could have been spent here at home for all the homeless muslims or Christians… and for what, to further try to bolster his failed foreign policy… He says it’s for humane relief, food, blankets, etc. Well Mr. President we have all that right there in the city you reside in and even more in the city where you hail from…
Maybe someone could enlighten this Christian man on what exactly are the “America’s many traditions” that Islam is part of??? I don’t even know what Eid stands for or what kind of religious holiday it is supposed to a part of… I guess I could Google it and find out, but if the President says that Eid is a part of a great tapestry, then you’d think there’d be a lot of us that would know about it, wouldn’t you???
What’s next are we going to send hundreds of millions of dollars to every religion across the globe???





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