Obama: Racist again, Yes or No?

August 12, 2013


I don’t remember any US President allowing any race or person to go unpunished for an infraction of rules. For that matter I don’t remember any president who uses the race card as much as this guy, except before Lincoln. I can’t even imagine the ramifications that are going to take place when news of this get’s released to the general public school population.

I work in a school system, where teachers/staff are 50-50 in race, but the school students are mostly African American… actually, I don’t know for sure that their ancestors are from Africa, some may be from Egypt or the Islands or White African American (along the same lines as White Hispanic)… but since I’m Swedish American, I’m not allowed to say black students… oops.

So, I guess Obama’s latest ruling will save the taxpayer a million dollars or so in staff having to work overtime to serve as monitors for detention. Then again when word of this sifts down through the grades, they’ll probably be so much more vandalism that we’ll be lucky to keep up with all of it. Then again, that will be sort of good news for me, because my school system does not pay overtime to BSW or their supervisors. But, since I’ll be having to repair doors, lockers, windows, A/C units, chairs, tables, desks, black boards, urinals, toilets, partitions, etc. etc. etc. I’ll probably double my salary… Way to go “O”!!!

During my employment I had the chance to work at a high school that had about 1200 – 1300 students enrolled from 9-12th grade. On the cafeteria wall they had a printed list for the month of the names of students who had detention (usually detention is for committing an infraction of the rules) and on what days they were supposed to stay after.

Can you give me a guess of what the number of detentionees (sp?) there were per month??? 1100! Now, I thought maybe there were duplicate names, but nope, each name on each line represented by a number were different names. So, in a school with a population of 1200 – 1300 students, 84% of the school student body has detention at least once a day and this occurred every month with the numbers going up or down slightly… I don’t know the infractions these students have. I do know that the school employs 2 armed County Police officers full time during school hours. They’re not there to keep terrorists out, but to keep… well, I’m sure you can figure it out.

I also worked as a Head Custodian for 4 years in a very conceited, bigoted school system in another state. There was only one African American student out of 800 students and no African Americans on staff or teachers. These people were so full of themselves that anyone not from their town was looked down upon. I lived 2 miles over the line in an another state and they treated me like I was from Antartica (didn’t want to offend anyone) Regardless of their sensitivities, they didn’t have many after school detentionees. They had in school detentions and there were only 5 desks and sometimes those weren’t even filled.

The basis of these 2 schools in comparison is based on fact. I experienced both schools. The 1300 student school had 84% every day offenders. The 800 student school had .63% almost every day offenders. Who is at fault here? What is the underlying factor for such a disparity of percentages? Is it true that African American Students are more prone to violence and rule breaking or is it that bigoted/conceited parents raise the same in their children and while they don’t play well with others outside their ‘ilk’ they are not rule breakers?

This law or rule is going to be bad. Basically it gives all African American students a free get out of jail card, while the other races will get punished for an infraction of any rules. If that’s not racism, I don’t know what else to call it. Can you imagine if I went up to the school board and said “Hey listen, these white boys come from broken families. If they bust something up or stab someone or rape someone, lets just tell them it’s ok”… but if an African American does something, well hey throw the book at them… Ok, bad scenario… Put President Bush in the place of me…




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