Morally Imperative…

June 19, 2013

In an article posted on the website “Mr. Conservative”, Kristin Tate writes in reference to “S.E. Cupp Says Conservatives Should Support Gay Adoption”. Ms. Tate quotes S.E. Cupp saying:

“…that the pro-life movement has been missing something and Republicans have dropped the ball.” Cupp continued, “While it’s right and important that we oppose the liberal Planned Parenthood abortion agenda, we haven’t offered women a compelling alternative with a strident voice… We also have to embrace gay adoption. This will not be comfortable, but it is morally imperative.”

“…but it is morally imperative.” Maybe you ought to look up the definition of the words morally and imperative before you use them in your speech. Let me help you out here…

Morally: Good by accepted standards: good or right, when judged by the standards of the average person or society at large. Synonyms: Decently, Honorably, Honestly, Justly. Antonyms: Corrupt, Wicked, Decadent, Dishonest.

Imperative: Absolutely necessary or unavoidable.

You said “We also have to embrace gay adoption. This will not be comfortable, but it is morally imperative…”.

Why won’t it be comfortable? Is that because dishonest, corrupt and wicked actions are usually uncomfortable to the main stream public and honest hard working Americans?

“…morally imperative…” So, by this I take it you mean that it ‘is absolutely necessary to accept an act that is good and right by the standards of an average person’. What I don’t understand is how you can equate the words “morally imperative” to persons in a gay marriage adopting children.

I do not think that same sex, sexual encounters is moral in any way shape or form. If we were to adopt the homosexual lifestyle for all the people in the world, where would the next generation of children come from?

I don’t think humans should have sexual relations with inanimate or animal species. I don’t think they should be allowed to marry and benefit from what is the accepted norm of the world’s populace. I don’t like the Dallas Cowboys football team either…. This thinking doesn’t constitute a hate crime, it’s a difference of opinion and one I think that most Americans, let alone the world’s populace agrees with; there are 134 million births worldwide and of these we abort 42 million children every year… I don’t think any gay couples can physically contribute to that number….

If you want to help out childless couples and at the same time give women a “compelling alternative”, why not make adoptions easier to attain. Instead of hours of classes, thousands of dollars and waiting lists that are punitive rather than productive; take away the governments red tape and make it as easy to adopt as it is to abort a living breathing baby. That is your “compelling alternative”. Why is it that the left is always trying to change the way others want to live instead of just living a life that would be free of fear, guilt, dependence on others??? Change is not always necessary to give meaning to life.




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