Lying: Is There Any Truth In It?

August 5, 2013

By now everyone (well hopefully) has seen the YouTube video ( ) of then senator Barack Obama standing at the podium vehemently denouncing the current Presidency and telling the audience and the world that if elected he would:

Fact/Lie 1 – “I will make out government open and transparent”

Fact/Lie 2 – “I will make it IMPOSSIBLE for congress or lobbyist to slip pork barrel projects or corporate welfare into laws when no one is looking…”

Fact/Lie 3 – “… because when I’m President meetings when laws are written will be more open to the public. No more secrecy, that’s the commitment I make to you as President… No more secrecy”

Fact/Lie 4 – “When there’s a bill that ends up on my desk as President, you the public will have 5 days to look online and find out what’s in it before I sign it. So, you know what your governments doing”

Fact/Lie 5 – “When there are meetings between lobbyists and a government agency we’ll put as many of them as possible online for every American to watch”

Fact/Lie 6- “When there’s a tax bill being debated in Congress you will know the names of the corporations that will benefit and how much money they would get and we will put every corporate tax break and every pork barrel project online for every American to see and you will know who asked for them and you can decide whether your representatives actually represented you.”

He stood there amidst his supporters who were screaming and clapping at his voiced concerns and heartfelt promises. I must admit I was hoping that these things would be true as well. Who would not be swayed by these words and his emotions as he talked… I was almost cheering for him myself… Then he was elected…

The facts above became lies. I don’t remember a more secret government or one that people now fear more than the current regime. I guess Fact/Lie number 2 did become fact, because Congress never slipped any pork barrel projects or laws in. Nope, but he sure has slipped enough in secretly for himself, bypassing the House of Representatives and Congress.

He was adamant in his proclaiming “…No more secrecy…” Yet, what do we hear day in and day out. President Obama bypassed Congress with the Defense of Marriage Law, Immigration Laws, Federal Welfare Laws and the President vowed to close Gitmo, promised an end to foreign military campaigns, but yet he sends the American Military into Libya without first getting Congressional approval or even knowledge.

Moving onto Fact/Lie number 4, who can forget the words of former House Speaker Pelosi “We have to pass the bill so that you can see what’s in it…” I might have been offline during part of that year, but I don’t seem to remember seeing the Obama-Care bill online for 5 days… Actually, I’m not sure, but I don’t think I remember ever seeing any bill online before he signed it. But, to be totally honest here, maybe the Obama-Care bill never ended up on “his desk”. Maybe no bills ever made it to his desktop. Maybe number 4 is fact. Maybe he doesn’t have a desk (I’m pretty sure there wasn’t one in his golf cart), so then number 4 would be Fact.

In numbers 6 and 7, he doesn’t reference his desk…

Fact or Lie, in your hearts and minds as American Citizens you have to decide for yourself which is fact and which is lie. The problem being is that when we have a politician stand in front of us and proclaim “A, B, C” we expect that person to actually do what he or she says they will do. If I tell my employer that I have driven many types of trucks all across the United States, he hires me based on those facts. But, when he gets up in the cab with me and I ask him (pointing at the gear shift) ‘what is that pipe with the ball on it sticking out of the floor used for and why are there 2 brake pedals’. Most likely my truck driving career will not continue.

Honesty, is it too much to ask for in our duly appointed elected officials?

I also being a husband of 25+ years know that certain truths are better not voiced aloud. Like the one ad for Geico with Abraham Lincoln being asked by his wife if this dress makes her butt look big. But, we are not talking about just one butt here. I’m talking about other butts. Butts who have promised that if elected they would stand behind the 2nd Amendment. I’m referencing the Senator from Pennsylvania here, Sen. Toomey who when campaigning took $1 million from the NRA as an NRA card holding member and devout Republican bent on upholding our Constitutional Rights for his campaign to succeed and succeed it did. This is the same Senator who seems to like West Virginians better that he likes Pennsylvanians.

Before the Gun Control Bill was voted on and denounced (rightfully so) Senator Toomey’s elected constituents of Pennsylvania, I being one of them; contacted him by phone (wasn’t available for me that day), wrote letters (I assume he had a chance to read when he got back into his office) and wrote on his Face Book page imploring and petitioning him not to vote on any gun control matters (I didn’t see his response on Face Book either).

Now onto another well known political entity in the person of Senator John McCain who I thought was an American Patriot. He is a veteran of our esteemed military, husband and father. In 2007 when he ran for the Presidency he spoke at an NRA function and said “…My friends, gun owners are not extremists, you are the core of modern America.” He also backed President Bush on Iraq and keeping America safe from terrorists.

What has changed in 6 years other than he is now 76 and probably sees no more Presidency Campaigns in his future? But, to do a complete turn around and is now siding with gun control and now going overseas to talk to terrorists. Actively seeking to arm these terrorists with our military weapons.

Why can’t they stay honest and true to what they say? Is honesty to much to ask for in our duly elected officials?

I have an idea for a bill (maybe President Obama could use more of his executive actions and push this through without Congressional approval, because I’m pretty sure no politician will ever ask for this bill to become law). How about a bill that states that there be a Congressional panel created to make sure that a campaigning politician who promises A, B, C actually pulls out all the stops to make sure that A, B, C comes to fruition. That if they campaign for A, B, C, they will be fired if they actively pursue X, Y, Z. If I could get fired from my employer for lying about my credentials and also for what I hope to accomplish at his company, so should anyone in the political circle.

I shouldn’t have to worry every time I vote that the person who says they are for the 2nd Amendment and then try to take away my rights to own a firearm.

The 4th amendment; campaigning that a man or woman’s home is their castle, then turn around and say we can search your house when ever we want to for whatever reason we deem.

Or more importantly the 1st Amendment; Saying that free speech, worship whatever religion you desire and our newspapers are the hallmark and back bone of our country; and then getting slammed saying you can only print certain things or we will bug your phones, deny you status as a tax exempt entity and don’t even think of saying anything about another religion or we’ll label it a hate crime.

Whatever happened to honesty? How do we teach our children to uphold laws if the lawmakers themselves won’t or even worse change the laws to placate themselves? How do we teach children that falseness is evil and that every lie begets another lie and that honesty is really the best policy, when we have a future President lying 7 times in a 2 minute video

But you see, here is a man who has promised so much and as done so little for freedom and the American people. I will have to admit that President Barack Hussein Obama has earned quite a reputation for first time Presidency events. If you have the time take a look at what this man gives him credit for. It is a very interesting read…

By the way, I was going to include the little story about Washington and the Cherry Tree, but in my research for this article I found out that it never happened. His biographer Mason Weems, thought the story showed President Washington’s honesty… So, I guess there could be truth in a lie…





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