Immigration Reform

February 27, 2014

Immigration reform, why? I’m sorry, what part of Illegal don’t you understand??? 20 million illegals and if these reforms go through … actually the word ‘reform’ is almost an Oxymoron in this use of the word. There is no reform, but allowing an illegal act to become legal. Yes, I’ll agree that some of them may be hard workers and become US citizens and help the country. But, all I see is more people on the dole, more people coming here illegally to get legal status and collect more unemployment, more food stamps and who is going to pay for all of this??? Probably not you or I, but our children and children’s children.

Don’t you realize that we are the governments only way to make money… Taxes, Taxes, Taxes. If the ILLEGALS become citizens, it may very well be the end of the country. Why would you want people that don’t care a wit about the country called The United States of America, they burn our flag, disrespect it’s LEGAL citizens and expect free handouts.

We have enough of those type of people here already. According to the Washington Post 90 million people do not have a job and only 63.2% of Americans have a job or are looking for a job… That’s almost 37% of Americans that are not working, who do you think are paying for their right to eat??? So, let’s add another 20 million to that through immigration reform…

There is no unemployment line where you used to have to stand. Where you used to have to show that you were actively seeking employment by getting 2 signatures from companies that you physically had to visit. No, all they have to do now is go to a website on Sunday night fill out an online form that takes about a minute and then the money is deposited into your bank account. It used to be 26 weeks of UC, but here in Pa. it can go as high as 63 weeks and some states 73 weeks, almost a year and half living off the dole and we’re not talking chump change either…

You want to work and give your money to the government in the form of taxes, well that’s your right as LEGAL American, but quite frankly, I’m tired of going to Walmart with my little paycheck, standing in line behind people that have 2 carts or more and then whip out their EBT card and pay for it. That’s my money their buying steaks, seafood, Twinkies, etc. and all I have is a gallon of milk, some frozen food meals and a quart of orange juice. Go to North Hanover Walmart about 10 PM and see for yourselves…

We don’t need immigration reform, what we need is law abiding citizens. If you break the law you need to be punished not awarded for your callous act. What’s next, amnesty for rapists, murderers and thieves???




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  1. wayne on October 27, 2014 at 5:04 am



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