Amnesty will not work

July 13, 2014

I’ve heard both sides of this problem. Here is my rationale of why it won’t work…

The reason I think people are so up on this idea of alien amnesty is for humanitarian rationale… The main problem is that we can’t as a nation feed every starving neglected child in the world. Our nation was founded on the principals of freedom and the pursuit of a free nation under God. These people who support this act are doing it for different reasons. Some to get their voting base more populated so that they get reelected. Others are doing it because they think it will help. It won’t help; it’ll only make it worse for everyone

If you have 10, 000 people in a town that get along, work together, enjoy life to the fullest and have all the resources at hand that can feed, clothe and house 10,000 people comfortably. The extra resources can be shipped out to help other communities that don’t have the resources. But, if you ship in the same number of people from the other communities that are being helped than you start to have overcrowding. Then the standard of life for the original community will start to diminish.

The latter community will feel that they are owed the same as the original and the original will start to feel used and abused. The latter community never worked and will continue to not work, because basically all humans are lazy and only when desperation calls do they get up and do something about it. But, it if it handed to them over and over, then you get generation after generation that get lazier and lazier.

Now you have a community of 20,000 people some who work, the majority does not. There is not enough land, there is not enough housing and since most are not working, there is not enough food to feed everyone. If the latter community would have stayed where they were and learned to work while receiving the benefits of the first community. The first community would still enjoy their good standard of living while shipping out their surplus. The latter community through tough times would have strived to improve their situation instead of taking free handouts for life and eventually they would become a free standing community that could send out their surplus and help the next community.



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