400 Missiles Missing from Benghazi…

August 13, 2013

Well, isn’t this just great. 400 surface to air missiles missing??? They covered up a lot more then the lack of response and deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi. Now this comes out that they’re missing 400 missiles, these aren’t little bottle rockets folks, these are killers. And what happens if those missiles that are now in the hands of “ugly people” make it to the US??? We can’t secure our own borders from Mexican who daily make their way onto US soil. What happens when a truck load of those missiles comes across the Mexico/US border or into one of our seaports. The Coast Guard does a pretty good job of keeping our shores monitored, but we’re talking 12,479 miles of possible boat landings.

The Obama administration knew of this, did nothing. Now we hear of all those embassy closings and why were they closed, because of the threat from a force that is “defeated” (Pres. Obama said on May 23, 2013). Still, he continues to send money and aid to terrorist cells (yes, I know, $1 Billion dollars for the celebration of Eid) Our government loses 400 missiles, what do you think happened to that $1 Billion dollars… Yes, I’m sure it all went to food and blankets…

Just when we thought it was safe to fly again, now we have to watch out for our own missiles killing Americans… NSA checking our emails and they can’t find the missiles, but they sure can find my email I sent to a friend asking if he wanted to go fishing this weekend… The only thing I’ll probably kill are a couple of dozen night crawlers and a nice fat walleye if I’m lucky… Maybe they can send a drone over my boat and let me know if there are any fish in the waters below me, because I really can’t afford a Lowrance fish finder.





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